& Dyno Tuning

When bringing your vehicle to LMG Automotive Doctors & 4x4 you access a state-of-the-art Dyno Tuning facility and high-tech workshop equipped with all the Scan Tools and Scopes to correctly diagnose and service modern vehicles.

Fault Finding

If there's a fault you can rest assured we'll find it!

Scan Tools
and Scopes

We've got all the tools and kit to scope out any issues!

Specialised Diesel Tuning

Serious about performance? Look no further!


The Dyno facility can be utilised for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles, providing the ability to test or replicate the vehicles operation under normal driving conditions. No more frustration of an issue not presenting itself on the workshop floor.

The Dyno facility makes diagnostics and fault finding possible, particularly when paired with our highly experienced operators.

Ultimately, the Dyno Facility can save you time and money. Incorrect Diagnosis or guess work generally results in the purchase of incorrect parts and an excessive account, often with no result.

Many incorrectly diagnosed vehicles end up at LMG Automotive Doctors & 4x4 to be fixed once and for all!

If you're interested in fault finding, send us an email or give us a call.

Scan Tools
And Scopes

In addition to the Dyno Facility, the workshop is fitted with High-Tech Scan Tools and Scopes, allowing for comprehensive scanning and fault finding within the vehicles electrical system and ECU. The Scan tools provide visibility to determine vehicle Fault Codes and Sensor alerts.

If your vehicle has a fault… well find it!

If you're interested in getting some scans done, send us an email or give us a call.

Diesel Tuning

If you're serious about getting the best performance from your Diesel engine, look no further!

LMG Automotive Doctors & 4x4 utilise their Dyno Facility to get the best performance from your Diesel engine with their Specialist diesel ECU remapping.

In fact, the team at LMG Automotive Doctors & 4x4 are among very few master tuners in South Australia, enabling in-house mapping and tuning (not outsourced).

If you're interested in tuning, send us an email or give us a call.

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My outstanding appreciation to Peter, Paul and Sherry for the amazing results achieved with my Nissan Patrol after fitting a 3-inch exhaust and retune, I am now driving a completely different vehicle, the performance improvements are incredible, wish I had this done a long time ago. I can’t thank your team enough fantastic service, I am recommending LMG to all my friends looking for this performance enhancement. Again, thank you absolutely RAPT

Colin Brown, Google Review

Awesome customer service has been taking my car there for years to get serviced hand have done a great job every time.

James Davis, Google Review

Amazing service by Paul (the legend) and the team who helped us continue our maiden voyage of our recently renovated Viscount caravan - WA here we come!

Sally Shepherd, Google Review

Very helpful staff, excellent product knowledge and advice. Work completed on time and very well done. Highly recommended.

JJ Jansen, Google Local Guide

Great service. Friendly and helpful

Tristan Becroft, Google Local Guide

Giving the Patrol a birthday the service is above and beyond as always

John Scheibl, Google Review